CLR Fundraiser 2022

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  • Our goal: CLR’s goal is to reduce the worst risks of astronomical suffering (s-risks). Our concrete research programs are on AI conflictEvidential Cooperation in Large Worlds (ECL), and s-risk macrostrategy. We ultimately want to identify and advocate for interventions that reliably shape the development and deployment of advanced AI systems in a positive way.
  • Fundraising: We have had a short-term funding shortfall and a lot of medium-term funding uncertainty. Our minimal fundraising goal is $750,000. We think this is a particularly good time to donate to CLR for people interested in supporting work on s-risks, work on Cooperative AI, work on acausal interactions, or work on generally important longtermist topics.
  • Causes of Conflict Research Group: In 2022, we started evaluating various interventions related to AI conflict (e.g., surrogate goals, preventing conflict-seeking preferences). We also started developing methods for evaluating conflict-relevant properties of large language models. Our priorities for next year are to continue developing and evaluating these, and to continue our work with large language models.
  • Other researchers: In 2022, others researchers at CLR worked on topics including the implications of ECL, the optimal timing of AI safety spending, the likelihood of earth-originating civilization encountering extraterrestrials, and program equilibrium. Our priorities for the next year include continuing some of this work, alongside other work including on strategic modeling and agent foundations.
  • S-risk community-building: Our s-risk community building programs received very positive feedback. We had calls or meetings with over 150 people interested in contributing to s-risk reduction. In 2023, we plan to at least continue our existing programs (i.e., intro fellowship, Summer Research Fellowship, retreat) if we can raise the required funds. If we can even hire additional staff, we want to expand our outreach function and create more resources for community members (e.g., curated reading lists, career guide, introductory content, research database).

Further details

For further details of CLR's progress in 2022, plans for 2023, and funding needs, please see our full fundraiser post.

How to donate

  • Donors from Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands can donate tax-deductibly using the form below
  • Donors from the USA and UK can donate tax-deductibly through the Giving What We Can platform
  • Donors from all other countries can donate to us using the below form, but unfortunately tax deduction will not be available

The Swiss charity Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) collects and processes donations through the below form on our behalf. Such donations will be used exclusively to support CLR.

For frequently asked questions on donating to CLR, see our Donate page.

Note: since the fundraiser is now over, any donations from now on will not be listed in the fundraiser donations list below.

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Donations so far

Simon Möller CHF 15000
David Lechner CHF 250
Swante Scholz CHF 10000 Donation for Center on long-term risk (CLR)
Kwan Yee Ng USD 7000
Spencer Pearson USD 30
Althaus Silvia CHF 5000
Markus Winkelmann CHF 12000
Markus Winkelmann Recurring donation CHF 500
Anonymous USD 1000000
Anonymous EUR 387000
Anonymous USD 1000
Anonymous USD 500
Anonymous USD 1500
Anonymous USD 40000
Jan Rüegg CHF 4500
Adrian Hutter CHF 9250
Patrick Levermore GBP 10
Jonas Vollmer USD 1000
Anonymous GBP 3.13